Stage 3 by Ken Stark



Finally…I finally managed to finish Stage 3 by Ken Stark. Hey…listen, I know what you are thinking if it took you so long, how can you say that the story was good? 

Unfortunately halfway through, a co-worker passes on two full biographies of the band Van Halen….knowing that I couldn’t keep them forever, I hustled through those before continuing with Stark’s ‘zombie apocalypse’

Damn what a story. It’s one of those that you wish you would have written. It’s that good…see for yourself. Early on, I had to contact the guy to find out if he worked in the same of work as I do. The guy pulls off a hairy landing on a flight deck going into SFO that is more than believable. From there the story had me until Mace–the main character–finds a ten-year old girl in the form of Mackenzie. The two share some dark times as they find hope of something to be happy about.

I really can’t say enough about this one and plan to be into Stark’s latest–Alpha–shortly. The story is well worth the price of admission…like I’ve said, read it for yourself. You’ll be glad that you did.