The Weird Ride Continues…

Okay…so my weird western ‘Ain’t No Law in California‘ from Solstice Publishing is out on the streets…

…and I’m nearly through the follow-up (untitled for now)

The novel didn’t come off the way I had hoped…well…that’s a long story in itself. Ain’t No Law in California started off as a traditional western with a totally different cast of characters. Franklin Curtis (the orphaned Negro boy) is the only one to have survived.

Dan Bardwell came out of no where and he’s probably been in every short western that I’ve had published…The Forgiven, Arroyo Diablo & The Devil’s Hand.

He and Franklin worked well together, he being based on a 19th old west lawman and Franklin Curtis more like a kid from the 20th or 21st century, with his smart-assed comments and all. Bardwell is up before the sun, while Curtis prefers to sleep late.

no-law-california-001 Finally pairing these two, the story took a weird turn and drug using zombies and flying machines found their way into the story.

It starts dark and kind of goes back and forth for a while and fizzles by the end.

No fucking way I’m going to let that happen for number two…this thing is going to be dark and I mean dark.

For the time, I’ve put the brakes on the rewrite and have been entertaining myself with a series of short scenes to feel out my direction and see where I really want these two to go.

Using the church as a back drop, I can get the Sacramento lawman into some dark places. Bardwell and religion have always went hand in hand….you remember the gun-toting, whiskey-drinking preacher, Luke Fisher?

In Scratches, he finds the feeble, black-robed Father John, who may or may not really be there, as he rides up to the Mission de la Cantua….the mission of clay.

In Unholy, the story starts with the lawman falling from the saddle outside of the iron gates of the mission. Three days later he’s found by a young Benedictine monk, Francisco (born Gustav Quesada…fuck don’t ask me…maybe his mom was German?) and whose father was the infamous Mexican highwayman, Roberto Quesada.

That is nether here nor there, but both men have seen the undead, the ruined, the unholy and lived to tell the tale.

So for the time it looks as through the young monk will be traveling along and I expect them to find some rather dark places along the way.

For the time….I’m having fun with the shorts and plan to do several of these.

day of


These short stories are all free through Smashwords and available in every e-reader format…Kindle, Nook, etc, etc.

Day of Reckoning looks to be the next one in line, although the title may change before I’m finished.

Anyway…enough for now. Pick up the free shorts and see if you like the Sacramento lawman Dan Bardwell.

You might get out the rosary beads and say a few hail Mary’s? I’m not sure if I’ll be taking us down a path to Hell, but, who knows?

Don’t forget about ‘Ain’t No Law in California‘. I’m sure the publisher would like to sell a couple of those and take my word for it….I’m working my ass off to put out the darkest western I can come up with.