Giving It Away?


Wow…what a rough weekend.
My son got married Friday night, so it was rush, rush from work home to dress and then to the hotel and wedding. I’m happy to say that I gave a bottle a Jack Daniels—behind the bar—a run for its money, though.

I guess that’s the writerly way? A lot of drinking…if not, that’s my story when people notice or start to ask.

Saturday saw another reception—after work…I didn’t make the wedding for this one, and still felt like shit from the night before and a half day of work.

Along the way…I ran a free promotion over on the other side for Mrs. Bryson’s Dirty Secret. I use the penname / pseudonym of TJ Adams for the little erotica that I write and that kept me busy for the week.
Do you know how hard it is to give a story away?

I did pretty good promoting until Sunday when my phone decided that it didn’t like Twitter anymore….FUCK
Oh well, I’m pretty sure that both Facebook and Twitter were getting pissed as I must have been running very close to outright spamming their feeds? I may have been one of their 10 most wanted by then?

Did I ask if you knew how hard it was to give a story away?

For this one, I probably could have planned it better though. I decided to give KDP’s giveaway a try and began to upload my info to every ‘Free Kindle Promotion’ site that I could find.
Only 3 or 4 might have run the ad that I could find. Oh well…better planning the next time, huh?

Although a few copies were downloaded in nearly every country Amazon has a presence in, I would have thought that the Mrs. Bryson would have done better as this was the very first time that I have used Facebook groups and ‘Free Kindle’ promotion sites and come on…it was erotica?

Do you know how hard it is to give a story away?