Down On The Street


Just finished reading one of the dirty little stories that I enjoy so much. This one was written by an indie writer that should be more…Alec Cizak.

If you’re not already reading this guy, you should be.

I stumbled on to this guy some years ago when he put out a collection of nasty little stories of the downtrodden Crooked Roads and have been a fan since. Between Juarez & El Paso cemented it.

Down on the streets is one of those gritty crime stories where you just don’t see it coming…not until it hits you in the face anyway. By then, there’s no place to run.

Cizak is one of the few that can take us to the seedier side of town and show us that life ain’t easy.

Kudos, pal…keep twisting up stories and we’ll keep reading.

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