Walking to Babylon gets a review


Walking to Babylon gets a warm review (of which there aren’t many) from a ‘western genre’ guy over in ‘bloody old England.’

Not bad and thanks for your time in both reading it and more importantly, your time in leaving the review.

Format: Paperback Verified Purchase

So, this week I finished the latest novel by my good CA writing buddy Christopher Davis.
Regardless of the fact it was penned by him I read it over 2 days & found it really absorbing.
It was one of those novels where you’re happy to reach for it at every opportunity.
I’ve got a pile of Mafia books on the shelf here & I have to say I enjoyed this one every bit as much.
I found myself constantly wanting to find out what mishaps were going to befall the two main characters in their quest to make some coin & stay alive long enough to enjoy it!
My one & only gripe – it was a little too short for my liking.
It could happily have been two or three times the number of pages as far as I was concerned, always the sign of a good read!
If you’re looking for a journey to Las Vegas (albeit via the pages of a book) give this one a look.
Like me I’m sure you won’t be disappointed……….
Good job, Chris.


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