Ain’t No Law in California


All is well here in the land of plenty. The sun is shining and I’ve just sent off the final version of my novel, Ain’t No Law in California, a Dan Bardwell western.

 If you enjoy a western…a weird western maybe? This one is for you. Ain’t No Law in California takes place in the year 2150 and a hundred or so years after a nuclear holocaust that nearly wipes humanity from the face of the earth.

What was once known as California is now the state of Sacramento. Nevada and Arizona no longer exist and are simply part of the New Mexico territories.

 The five-pointed, tin star lawman—both judge and jury—Dan Bardwell is tasked with keeping law and order in the badlands and along the border, where bad things can happen to a man if not careful.

Bardwell is joined by his long-time partner, Franklin Curtis as they ride through hell and high water to track their man.

For me the story started in 2010 and was written and rewritten as a western until I read several stories in the weird-western genre and rewrote the story entirely in a more dystopian, post-apocalyptic tone and takes place between central California, Los Angeles and Arroyo de las Vegas or just Las Vegas to us. I hope the story is as dark as I hoped it would be.

Anyway…I expect that we’ll get a chance to see it out shortly, so start saving those pennies.


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