The Harbinger of Death


Over the long, holiday weekend (and a quick trip to the coast with my wife) I read another in a long series of full length westerns by my British pal, Chris Derrick, The Harbinger of Death.

If you enjoy the western genre and you’re not reading this guy…you should be!

I first became acquainted with the English writer of westerns by sheer accident. A fellow southwestern writer was reposting and sharing the guys stuff with the release of the first novel, The Tainted Dollar. I started to share the posts through social media and became curious. When looking for something to read, I took a chance on the story.

Derrick’s stories aren’t the usual 20 or 30 thousand word novellas that we’ve all become so used to, for a couple of bucks, the guy writes 500+ page, full on western novels like Grey and L’Amour and every bit as kick-you-in-the-teeth. You can’t help but to feel a little saddle sore after you finish one of these, but that’s neither here nor there.

I got to meet and spend some time with Derrick and his lovely wife, Ewa, just outside of Tucson last year. A standup guy, if you’re wondering and I’ve come to think of him as a real pal.

So the long running series starts with The Tainted Dollar & The Sheriff’s Sister. Derrick took off in a totally new direction with his third novel Wagon Mound to Santa Fe, which in itself was a great story, but more of early pioneer life.

This latest can be read alone, but I recommend reading the first two in the series to get a handle on the American born, Laredo Sheriff who was raised by a tribe of Cheyenne.

If you like a good western or just want to help an indie writer, give one or all of Derrick’s novels a try. I promise that you won’t be let down and just may end up finding a favorite author.

Click that link and buy it, huh?