I Better Do It Again*

I hope that you all don’t mind me sharing, but Margot posts some of the most fascinating articles that I read here….enjoy

Confessions of a Mystery Novelist...

revisingWriting a draft of a novel is only the first step in getting that novel finished. The next step – and it can be a difficult one – is revising. That’s the part where, as Faulkner said, you have to kill your darlings. Sometimes major plot points are changed, characters added or removed, and more. And that’s not to mention the myriad points of grammar and other editing that have to get done.

Crime writer and fellow blogger Rebecca Bradley has a terrific feature on revision, ‘What’s Your Revision Process Like,’ and I am honoured and excited to have been invited to her blog as a part of that feature.

Please come pay me a visit on Rebecca’s blog, where I’ll be talking about how I revise. And as you’ll be there anyway, do check out her terrific site. You’ll find useful and interesting information for crime writers…

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