It’s Release Day


OK…so, another new story and another official release day. You know what that means…a few more weeks of shameless self-promotion in the hopes of getting someone to read the story.

I’ve been through this a few times before, but this one is a little different for me. Walking to Babylon is my first (published) story that qualifies as novel length and I’ve got a few indie book stores lined up to carry it or give it some shelf or counter space. You can find it on Amazon or in paperback and it is being published by Solstice Publishing.

The story if of course crime fiction and it takes place in and around the lovely desert city of Las Vegas. Sammy Soriano and his lifelong pal, Tommy Two-Guns Viglecherio cut their teeth busting balls for the old man, played by none-other-than Mister D’Angelo.

Viglerchio is fighting cancer and maybe he has been for some time now? Soriano knows it and dies his best to remain by his pal’s side throughout.

If you read Low and Outside in last year’s Paladins cancer research anthology—edited my Aidan Thorn—you kind of know the story.

The short didn’t quite do justice to the pair from the desert city.

Kick you in the face crime story, you ask? Yeah…now go out and have a look for yourself.


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