What happens in Vegas


So….this morning—while checking on a Kindle giveaway story—I noticed that my first (short) novel length crime story Walking to Babylon is available through Amazon and published by Solstice Publishing.

Can you feel the excitement around here? Whew-Hew.

Officially, release day is tomorrow, but…

I would imagine the paperback version will be along shortly, but for now we have to settle for Kindle and that’s OK. I’m not complaining.

If you read last year’s Paladins—the Multiple Myeloma Cancer Research Charity Anthology—from England, you may have read my contribution to the project, Low and Outside. Paladins was stocked with stories from the best indie crime writers on the scene, from both bloody old England and closer to home here in the U.S.

Walking to Babylon is the long story of the struggle that Sammy Soriano has dealing with the cancer that is / will eventually kill his lifelong pal, Tommy Two-Guns Viglecherio.

As the story takes place in and around Las Vegas, I’ve contacted some of the indie bookstores there to see if there was any interest in giving it some shelf space. So far, one has agreed and I look forward to having the story available there.

Just a heads up—for the faint of heart—Walking to Babylon is chalk-full of coarse language and less-than-wholesome situations that Sammy Soriano and Tommy Viglecherio find themselves in. What happens in Vegas, right?

You’ve had your warning….now go out and read it.

And thank you in advance for your support.


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