To the Land of the Long White Cloud*

Confessions of a Mystery Novelist...

waitangi-day-2017As this is posted, it’s 177 years since the Treaty of Waitangi, which officially made New Zealand part of the British Empire. What’s interesting about this treaty, among other things, is that it protected Māori forests and lands, and made them full British subjects. Although the treaty hasn’t always been fully respected, it was the basis for what’s been a more amicable than contentious relationship. And in today’s New Zealand (which is, by the way, officially bilingual in English and Māori), the indigenous people have a say in their political, educational and social lives. That’s not by any means to say that things are perfect and there are never problems or disputes. But it’s interesting to contrast the relatively respectful relations among ethnic groups in New Zealand with the indigenous history of other countries, including the US.

It’s interesting, too, to look at the Māori presence in contemporary New Zealand…

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