The Transience of Youth & BP Broome


Finished a great novel over the weekend, The Transience of Youth by BP Broome. I’ve read and reviewed his two others here, A World Gone Gray and Signal Fire, along with a short story collection Like Life Itself and I really can’t say enough about this writer. The story is most likely the best story that I’ve read in 2016 and believe me…I’ve read a ton of indie stuff.

I like Broome’s easy to read style of writing and the character development that comes about as the stories evolve. You get the feeling that you’ve somehow met these folks before without the bullshit?

In The Transience of Youth, we follow along with a young—college aged man—who lives in one of the dive apartments that we all lived in at one time or another. The kid is pulling a full college workload and working long hours to support himself when the idea comes up to move into a retirement village just outside of town where things might be peaceful and he could get a good night’s sleep—minus the loud music in the drug and crime riddled environment where he lives.

He and a lifelong pal find a shyster lawyer that helps him gain admission to the private community after a good bit of finagling. Along the way, he’ll make more than a few enemies, but he’ll make a few friends also.

Haven’t looked into publication dates, but suspect that this one was the first of the longer stories and I’m glad that I read it last as I believe that I enjoyed it the most of the three—not to be taking away from A World Gone Gray or Signal Fire as they are great stories in their own right and I also enjoy what Broome does with a post-apocalyptic world gone wrong.

I won’t go any farther and just suggest that you buy a copy and read this one yourself. Yu might want to read the others also…they’re all great stories.

Broome writes in a style that pulls the reader in much like a favorite of mine, Stephen King and there just isn’t much more that I can say about this indie favorite other than go out and buy them, read them and don’t forget to leave a review.

If I were a betting man…I’d say that we see a lot more from this guy in the coming years.

Let me know what you think if you read or have read BP Broome.


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