The Year in Review

Over the course of this year—2016—I’ve been fortunate enough to have read a ton of stories ranging from flash fiction to short stories to novellas to full on novel length.

Looking back at the stories I’ve had published, it’s hard to believe that I had any time to read at all?

But here goes my attempt to thank all of the great guys and gals for the wonderful stories this year ranging from sad and traumatic to outright hilarious. All of these folks will remain on the radar and I will read whatever they might put out in the coming year and years. And I would recommend searching out these folks yourself and diving in…there’s something here for everyone, post-apocalyptic life to westerns to offbeat crime…there’s even a 1940’s, jive talking detective gal in the form of Nelle Calahan.

BP Broome

Todd Morr

Bodie Myers

Tim England

Jessa Callver

Kate Pilarcik

Garreth Spark

Matt Phillips

Chris Derrick

Dave Jaggers

And of course the short story writers in the many anthologies—some that I’ve shared pages with and some not.

Aidan Thorn

Matt Matilla

Bill Baber

Dave Jaggers

Cal Marcius

Darren Saint

Ryan Bracha

Linda Angel

SW Lauden

Bruce Harris

Sarah Chen

Joe Prosit

Teel James

Dusty Wallace

If I missed you, my apologies, there have been so many over the course of 2016 and I promise to get you next year.


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