Signal Fire


Just finished another in the line of BP Broome novels…Signal Fire.

Wow…really, that’s about all that I can say. BP Broome is firing on all cylinders in this fast paced full length novel (and for .99?)

Broome writes in such an easy to read style that I find very comfortable, much like one of my favorites (Stephen King and Dean Koontz) and I would put this indie up there with either.

Much like A World Gone Gray, the writer enjoys the what-ifs of a doomsday scenario and follows closely, varying groups as they make their way through a story that starts as mysterious pink lights appear at various locations throughout the world.

Some folks appreciate these otherworldly beings, as most just cower and then again (and we are talking mankind here) some want to destroy these lights of unknown origin.

I don’t want to give too much away here, but highly recommend this tastefully written piece of doomsday fiction by BP Broome and am not sure if I should recommend reading A World Gone Gray before or after, either way…read them both and don’t forget to leave a review.

That makes two novels and ten short stories that I read from this writer and have to say this indie is a class act and one to watch as we go into the new year.



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