A World Gone Gray




A World Gone Gray was the title of the story and its author BP Broome couldn’t have written a better post-apocalyptic novel in my opinion.

Broome and I have been re-tweeting each other’s posts for some time now and it’s funny, but I’d never had the time to read any of his work.

Going into the long holiday weekend, I was nearly finished with a western novel I had promised to read and was on the hunt for something to pass the long hours of boredom that would surely keep me through the time away from work.

So BP Broome was tweeting that one of his would be free for a time and I went for it. I know, I know, but times are hard.

Broome’s ‘A World Gone Gray’ has to be the best story I’ve read this year, if not a couple. It normally goes for less than a buck at $.99? And in my opinion, should retail at 5 or six like the bigger guys. It’s that good.

First…I expected mutant zombies and such. WRONG, Broome tastefully handles a world gone wrong and follows a few small groups as they make their way in just such a world.

At three hundred seventy-eight pages, there’s plenty of time for the story to unwind and unwind it did.

Broome claims to be an indie, but an indie writer Broome isn’t. I’d put the story on track with a Stephen King sort of thing any day. Like King, Broome speaks to us as an adult—which was a refreshing take for me. This guy has risen above his brethren and his writing is phenomenal.

As I’ve said, I fully expected mutant zombies and the like.

As the pages went by, I could smell the smoke from a small fire in the Colorado Mountains and picture a giant tsunami wave as the small plane departed from an abandoned airport. I wondered what I would do if faced with the same set of circumstances.

Finishing with the novel in a few nights, I started feeling guilty that I had been allowed to read such a great story for nothing and I purchased another from this writer.


‘Like Life Itself’, was billed as a short story collection and as I was nearly out of weekend, I figured that if I couldn’t finish it, oh well. In time I would find the time to finish.

WRONG again. I ate up Broome’s short stories in two sittings and recommend this one as well. It can be had for less than a buck also and I’m starting to wonder if this guy isn’t a glutton for punishment? BP if you’re listening…charge more dude!

Still having some weekend left, I purchased his ‘Signal Fire’, (again for less than a buck) which so far has been fucking amazing…excuse the language, but the stories are that good.

So, I started out taking advantage of a guy trying to pedal his stories, by downloading a free copy that he was giving away and found a new author to follow. Things do work out from time to time.

Honestly, I can’t recommend this guy and his stories enough. I’ve read the one novel and ten short stories and now continue into the next for the whopping price tag of only $1.98.

I’ll be sure and pass on an opinion of Signal Fire when finished, but you can probably already guess what that opinion will be.

Go out and buy BP Broome, read the stories and leave a review to help an indie writer out. You won’t be disappointed and I’m sure the writer would be glad to have the help.



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