The Future’s So Bright….

Good Morning All.

It’s been rather busy around here for the past couple of months and it’s only going to get busier with the acceptance of my first novel length story, Walking to Babylon.

 Some of you may know by now, that I’m also writing under the pseudonym of TJ Adams. An erotic short story, An Innocent Act, is available through Amazon with a much longer erotic/crime novella, Pandora’s Box, coming soon.

A rather long, short story, Cinnamon Girl, will be available September 16th and just after I return from Tucson and a little time off with a British writer pal, Chris Derrick.

If you aren’t reading Chris Derrick’s westerns, you should be. He’ll be here in the states for a couple of months promoting his last three and I look forward to having a few drinks with the man behind the stories.

A pair of 1930’s crime novellas, Meet Me in Tulsa and Going Back to Dallas should be coming along shortly as all of the editing has been done and blurbs written. I’ve seen the cover for Tulsa and it looks great. In fact I’ve seen the cover art for Pandora’s Box, Cinnamon Girl and Meet Me in Tulsa, but I’m not sure if I can share them yet?

This morning saw a contract returned for my first novel length story, Walking to Babylon. If you read the Myeloma charity anthology Paladins, put together by another British pal, Aidan Thorn, you may have seen the short story version, Low and Outside.

 I’ll tell you a little more as we start into editing. Oh yeah, I’ll be interviewed by Joselyn Moreno on September 1st.

Maybe I’m giving away my age a little here, but I have to laugh thinking about one of the first songs that I can remember playing on MTV when it went live back in ’80 or so? I can’t recall the name of the band, but the song was titled The Future’s So Bright…

 Maybe I’ll have to wear shades?


























































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