Erotic Fiction Here?

Whew…it’s been a while since I’ve stopped in here.

Believe me when I say that’s I’ve been busy. I won’t lie to you…it’s been busy as fuck for me this last few weeks.

June came to a close with both Dames & Sin and Hangmen & Bullets coming out of Dead Guns Press at nearly the same time. Having three stories in the two anthologies is enough to keep me busy for a while in making a little noise to let folks know they’re out and available.

For the time anyway…these are the last two from DGP as they are taking a break from the publishing world for now. I really hope to see them make a comeback soon, as I have enjoyed their product over the last couple of years and enjoyed being a small part of their endeavor.

While waiting for the release of the crime and western anthologies to roll out, I was starting into a new crime story and fleshing out the characters for what I thought would be a novella length piece.

I’m not of the outline persuasion, so I’m feeling out the neighbors that would be a big part of the story and I let the young man telling the tale meet an older gal that lived across the way. At that time, she didn’t have a name and I couldn’t quite visualize her.

As the young man is helping her to carry her groceries in, I thought, What if he kind of gets the hots for the old gal?

 I guess by that time I had lost interest in the story and I thought What if he bags her?

By then that story was so far off track that I’d never recover and I just sort of went along for the ride.

What came out was my first very accidental and very erotic short story An Innocent Act.

 Like a lot of others, it was destined to live its life quietly on the hard drive of my laptop. But, the story was well written for me and I decided to submit the thing just for kicks. I searched out a mid-level publisher of the genre and I sent it off not expecting to hear a word.

I woke the following morning to a nice rejection note, but insistence that I continue trying to find a home for the story. I sent it off again that afternoon. The following morning greeted me with a three year contract for the story and the pseudonym or pen name of TJ Adams was born.

Already well along the way into another crime piece of a young woman out for revenge after losing a friend to the streets and DGP closing down, I cannibalized the title of short zombie-apocalypse piece, Pandora’s Box. The title was perfect for the dark nighttime story and the stage name Pandora was exactly what I needed for the young woman in the story. After rewriting it to include a little more steam, I submitted the erotic crime novella Pandora’s Box. That story was also signed and is in editing at the present time. I’ve seen the cover for this one and I’m chomping at the bit to see the finished product.

During July, I also managed to find a home for a short psychological horror piece, A Murder of Crows, which will be out just before Halloween and two 1930’s prohibition era crime novella’s Meet Me in Tulsa and Going Back to Dallas. If you happened upon Due to a Dame in DGP’s Dames & Sin, you’ll know that I really dig the era for some reason?

So if you start wondering if I’ve gone away, no. I’m just spending a lot of time over on the TJ Adams side of things in getting him together with social media and such.

I’m expecting to have a long short story, Cinnamon Girl, out sometime in August maybe under my name and we could get to see Pandora’s Box also?

Stay Tuned.




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