One Door Closes…

We’ve all heard it before…that old saying, one door closes and another opens.

I’ve been rather bummed for the past few weeks or months really with three indie publishers deciding to close up shop.

Never did anything with one—although I did enjoy their stuff—I’d been published in the past by another and had one on hold possibly for the upcoming winter issue. The last…what can I say, they had become my go to for short crime fiction and the news set me back on my heels just a little. I did manage to squeeze three stories in their last two anthologies and for this I should be proud, I guess?

I awoke to the acceptance of three more stories this morning, following the erotic short An Innocent Act and the surreal horror / tragic romance Cinnamon Girl last week.

 The erotic story was an accident. Cinnamon Girl was a labor of love a few years ago and I am fucking stoked to have the story finding a way out into the world finally.

This morning’s acceptances are a pair of 1930’s prohibition era crime novellas Meet Me in Tulsa & Going Back to Dallas and a short psychological thriller kind of thing A Murder of Crows.

Don’t ask why, but I dig the whole 1920’s / 1930’s prohibition, whiskey runner, crime type thing and I’ve written a shitload of stuff in the genre. The problem is none of the modern crime publishers will touch the stuff, historical fiction?

As for the horror short, again, I don’t write so much in the blood and guts type of thing. I don’t like to read it and I write enough of that into my crime stories anyway. Being nearly fifty, I think back to staying up late at the babysitter while waiting for my mom to get off work and the old television shows that came on late night, The Twilight Zone, The Nightstalker and the like. Horror for me is more what if, than gore. And again, I’m stoked at having another one picked up as it’s been a couple of years since I’ve had anything published in the genre.

So as that one door closes, another opens and I look forward to the next road to travel, even if it means edits and more edits, only to be followed by another edit. Cover art and blurbs and bios and dedications and acknowledgements, not to mention all of the social media updates and hawking the stories.

It’s going to be a busy fucking summer around here, but I’m OK with that.