Hangmen & Bullets


This morning saw another contract signed and e-mailed for a second story to be featured in the Dead Guns Press Western Anthology ‘Hangmen & Bullets’ due out before summer.  I’m kind of stoked actually having two stories there. If a reader passes over one…my chances are good that they’ll read the other?


The reasoning works for me anyway? Come on…it’s tough getting buried in an Anthology with a dozen other writers.

Both stories draw on central California history as most of my westerns do. I think that it was checking out books in the school library—on our local outlaws and bandits and gunfights— back in elementary school that got me into the habit of reading in the first place and starting a lifelong love of early US history.

All of this as I get closer to finishing the re-write of a Western Novel that I’ve been working on for at least a half dozen years.

Every short western that I’ve had published, has come from this novel starting with ‘This Side of the River’ in The Big Adios Western Digest and moving on to ‘The Forgiven’ & ‘A Gunfighter’s Last’ over at Frontier Tales Magazine.

‘The Forgiven’ received readers’ choice in ’15. I think crickets chirped for the second story?

Now we get a chance to see how things go in ‘Arroyo Diablo’ & ‘The Devil’s Hand’ while I continue to either look for a home for the Novel or decide if I will self-publish this one using Kindle Direct Publishing and Create Space by the end of the year.

Wish me luck.




















































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