Bad Luck City

Bad Luck City

So in getting away from the ‘Paladins’ charity anthology for just a bit, I’m only three or four stories into that one and a damned good collection of gritty crime stories by the way if you haven’t bought it.

I picked up Bad Luck City, by Matt Phillips and put out by Near to the Knuckle as one of their new novella line Knuckle Cracking Novella’s. I like these guys and the product that they put out over there across the pond.

Damn, if the others in their planned line up are anything like this one…I’ll buy every one.

The story takes place in Sin City. A place that, while not a favorite, I have visited many times.

Over the past year, I have read Aidan Thorn’s Stranger’s in Vegas, written a short of my own Low and Outside and a follow-up novel Walking to Babylon and at Thorn’s urging, read Fools Die by Mario Puzo, all taking place that desert city that doesn’t sleep.

Having said that, Las Vegas has sort of been on my mind lately.

Phillips introduces us to a washed up news reporter Sim Palmer, just looking for the story. From there on, he puts the pedal to the metal and doesn’t let up. Palmer gets a tip from an old school mobster type who had run with Palmer’s old man at one time. The old mobster puts Palmer on to a story and the reporter digs his heels in. We get a back alley beat-down, a mob style take down, a sweet bartender and finally the payback that was unexpected.

Bad Luck City is fast paced and full of surprises that you won’t see coming. I didn’t anyway. Phillips kicks you in the gut right off and doesn’t let up until the end when you’ll find yourself wanting to stay in Vegas just one more night.

I look forward to seeing more from this writer and recommend that you do also.


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