Charity Anthology


OK 559 and 209 and hell, even 661 maybe. In the words of my pal Tommy Viglierchio, I’ve got a fucking bone to pick with you this morning.

When your charitable causes come to light, I do what I can to help out. You need someone to walk for Relay for Life at 2:00 in the fucking morning…I’m on it. You need twenty bucks…I’m there. Your kids selling Girl Scout cookies…I’m on it (Literally, I eat every damned one), your kid needs money for a field trip or to borrow hundreds of dollars’ worth of my shit to participate…no problem. If I can’t do any more…I share your posts and talk it up where I can to keep it going.

So now it’s my turn to ask. I have a story in a charity anthology out of England. The project is titled Paladins and every penny it raises goes to a good cause, Multiple Myeloma Research. It’s written in the name of some really good folks out in the mid-west, Craig and Henrietta Furchtenicht. Henri is swinging it out with MM and I have odds on her as she has some pretty big balls for a little gal.

In the case that you missed it…that was Charity Anthology!

 My contribution was dedicated to a buddy’s daughter that lost her battle with Leukemia a few years back. Some of you that read this know him / them…some of you were there.

Well Chris…that’s a different kind of cancer…it’s not my cause. Who gives a fuck? Cancer is cancer and we’re all going to deal with it in some way at some point in our lives.

 Well Chris…I don’t read, you say. Who cares…drop the $4.29 for Kindle or $12.99 for the paperback and give a little. I don’t really give a shit if you read it, just buy it and help out.

Like I said…I’m not much on reading. You sure as hell look at a lot of porn on the internet. Why not treat yourself to a story or two? You might enjoy it and again you’d be helping out.

I’ll let you in on a little secret…I don’t read those Kids Day newspapers that we all buy for Valley Children’s Hospital, but I sure as hell give the little boy or girl standing on the corner at o’dark thirty a $20 for a $1 paper.

How about you writer friends out there? I buy your shit, read it, review it and talk it up on social media for you. Now it’s my turn to ask. Buy the fucking book and help out with a good cause.

If, when it all boils down…you don’t have the cash, I understand, but the least that you can do is hit that LIKE & SHARE button or RETWEET. Talk it up for me. A lot of folks won’t give two shits for the stuff that I post here, but they just might get off the $$$ if they see it from a friend…so hit share and help out before moving on to the political meme of the day and sharing the shit out of that one!

Thanks 559 I knew that you would understand.