Paladins…Coming Soon

PaladinsOK boys and girls, it looks like we’re creeping ever closer to the release date for Paladins (March 11th). The Kindle version is available now for pre-order at an easy to afford price of $4.29 and I was a little surprised to see the paperback listed there also at $12.99.

Paladins Kindle US

Paladins Kindle UK

Paladins Paperback

If you are where you can, drop the 4 bucks and help a good cause. If not I understand, but would like to ask that you at the very least hit that share button or re-blog this one for me and help to get the word out.

Proceeds from this one will be directed at Multiple Myeloma Research and although I’m not involved in the production of this, I figure that after Amazon gets their cut, there should be 2 or 3 bucks going in that direction? A thousand pre-sales would send a nice little check to those folks in the name of our pal Henrietta Furchetnicht.

5000 in pre-sales would send a boat load of cash in that direction and be even better huh?

OK I’m down with a twenty Chris…how can I help? Buy one for your electronic reader and buy the paperback to snuggle up with on the couch for the remaining long cold nights of winter. Here in central California it’s topping out in the 70’s, but I think it’s still winter in the rest of the country? Hell, buy a couple for some really cool kids that might enjoy hard hitting crime stories that will leave you reeling and wanting another drink. (They’ll love you for it by the way!)

Paladins, isn’t the typical 10 writers / 2000 word stories that we’re all used to. The upper word limit that Aidan Thorn set when putting this one out last fall was 10k and that’s fucking huge for this kind of thing.

Craig Douglas and Darren Sant of Near to the Knuckle fame are behind the effort on the production side which in itself will be worth more than the price of admission, but I believe they’ll each have a story in it also.

I noticed 326 pages on the paperback version, so you should be able to find more than a few stories with some meat to ‘em? Not to mention maybe a new favorite indie writer or two?

Do what you can for this one, buy it, share it, talk it up with your pals if nothing else, but help us to get the word out for Paladins a charity anthology coming soon to a mail box or electronic reader near you.


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