Dead Guns #1: firing on all cylinders

Nice review for the first ever Dead Guns Magazine from Murder Mayhem & More


DeadGuns3This anthology of American crime crams in everything you’d expect from hardboiled pulp fiction. The action spans sudden death in a double-wide, to unexpected aid from an undercover cop. It encompasses righteous vengeance, unprovoked violence and what happens to careless crims with loose lips. Yet it’s far from hopeless: among the mobsters, lowlives, hard luck losers and no-hope gang-bangers there lurks the glimmer of redemption, the potential for forgiveness. This is a solid contemporary crime collection, and it speaks with many accomplished and authoritative voices to paint a sometimes bleak, consistently violent picture of the backstreets of modern America.

Several of these tales are far bigger than their succinct appearance suggests. They may be short stories, but they’re also compelling vignettes, a slice of life from a much larger landscape. ‘Saint Francis’ by Robin Wyatt Dunn is one such story: what happens to a wiseguy lieutenant who tries to retire…

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