Paladins: a charity anthology against Cancer

All that I can add is that I’m one of the American’s that were allowed to participate and that I’m damned proud to be a small part of it.

gabriel's wharf

paladinMark Wilson’s cover art for Paladin, the charity anthology that editor Aidan Thorn put together to drum up financial support and recognition for the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation in honor of ‘Henri’ Furchetnicht, wife of Brit Grit crime writer Craig Furchetnicht and inspiration to a cadre of writers and friends in the UK, is astonishing as it is poetic.

My story, ‘Back in the Day,’ appears in Paladins; its inclusion is of double significance for me. I wrote the story in 2010 using first person, a rarity for me. ‘Back in the Day’ was also my second publication, shortlisted for the Fish Prize that year, a story that Ronan Bennett would praise for its unique voice. I had to decline the invitation to participate in the author presentation in Ireland because I had a prior appointment with The Big C, cancer. The details of my treatment are…

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