So with the release of Dead Guns Magazine over the weekend, I’ve realized that over time I’ve scored sort of a writers trifecta finding one of my stories included—in the long awaited magazine—and the anthologies, ‘Dames & Sin’ and also the western ‘Hangmen & Bullets’.

I almost have to laugh when thinking of my inclusion in the magazine as the story that I’ve submitted was meant for DGP’s crime ‘zine and is only 700 or so words?

But getting a story picked up is better than not and it doesn’t really matter that I can claim the prize for the shortest story in the mag?

‘Tomorrow’s Sun’ is a first person viewpoint of a good ‘ol boy making a run from the law and getting away with it until he talks to his girl one night from a truck stop payphone and deciding to turn back—against his better judgement—to pick her up before he skedaddles east and out of California.

‘Due to a Dame’ slated for Dames & Sin, is a longer—thankfully—and due to hits the stands long about May. The story takes place I central California during prohibition and follows a fellow as he makes a getaway from the law after a botched back holdup.

‘Arroyo Diablo’ slated for Hangmen & Bullets is also due to hit the stands in May. In this one we get to ride along with the one time drifter and ex-cavalryman Dan Bardwell as he rides shotgun on a Butterfield’s coach loaded with Sacramento gold and bound for the port of Los Angeles. Dust rising on the wind signals trouble as two boys from Arkansas offer to lend a hand in the dry bottom of a central California river.

Look for Dead Guns Magazine—packed with some of the best crime writers today—available in print and soon to be on Kindle.

Dames & Sin and Hangmen & Bullets in May.


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