The Weekend in Review


For the morning’s review, I’ll not be posting a review and instead let you know that I downloaded Chris G Derrick’s ‘Wagon Mound to Santa Fe’ over the weekend. I’ve been looking forward to this one for a few weeks now after reading ‘The Tainted Dollar’ and ‘The Sheriff’s Sister’ last year.

Derrick is one of the coolest western writers going that I’ve read recently and the damned guy is from England of all places? Somethings were never meant to be understood I guess?

Problem is for me…I’m smack dab in the middle of reading ‘Rumrunners’ by Eric Beetner. Now the story is just what the title implies in a way. A good mid-western fellow from a family with a long history of runnin’ shine disappears when a truckload of pharmaceuticals goes MIA.

The other family involved—also with a long history of runnin product—puts the squeeze on the first gentleman’s boy who chooses not to be involved in the family business like his father and grandfather before him.

As the story plays out, the grandfather takes the lead in searching out his missing son with his grandson along for the ride.

For anything more…you’ll have to wait for me to find the time to finish.

What’s tugging at the little time that I have each day that I can devote to a little reading…you might ask? Well I’m glad that you asked. Am in the final sprint to the finish in a little 1930’s Novella that I’m working on to follow up an earlier story that takes place just a year or so before and during prohibition. In the second story—which is not related—we visit the southern tier states in making our way for Juarez Mexico and running from the law.

The first is with a publisher for review and I hope to be sending the second off shortly?

And lastly…the long awaited Dead Guns Magazine is out after a few months of delay and I look forward to receiving a couple of copies in the mail this week.

Watch for my story ‘Tomorrow’s Sun’ stuffed in there somewhere.

Look for ’em all at Amazon and give ’em a read


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