Hangmen & Bullets

dgpGood news this morning when I turned on my computer for a look at the morning’s mail, a contract from Dead Guns Press waited patiently with news of my first story of 2016 being accepted and it’s a western.

The DGP anthology will be titled Hangmen & Bullets and be available in May. It looks like John Thompson and M. Leon Smith are stacking up some good ones for the planned release so you might want to start saving your penny’s for this one?

My contribution will be in the form of 2900 words. A short western ‘Arroyo Diablo’. The story takes place in central California post-Civil War and follows the one time drifter Dan Bardwell riding along with stage driver Rusty Pemberton as Pemberton runs the dusty roads of the dry valley.

Dust rising in the distance signals that the Butterfields stage driver and gunman will soon have company. A pair of lads—and one time soldiers from Arkansas—offer a hand out here in the devils playground as a large group of Mexican riders close in.

If you like a good shootout in the bottom of a dry river, you might like this one?


In other news, if you want a short western fix and don’t want to wait long, I have another short ‘A Gunfighters Last’ coming up at Frontier Tales in February. This story is more or less told from the deathbed of a gentleman dying with consumption. Mont Morgan closes his eyes and wishes that he could see the boy—his boy—just one more time.

Watch for it next month at www.frontiertales.com and don’t forget to vote as old Duke will run a best of anthology combining the winners of the year into print down the road a piece. It would be nice to have another one of those reader’s choice stories in 2016.


For the weekend’s read I plan to visit an old friend and see what he’s been up to. Chris Derrick has a new one out ‘Wagon Mound to Santa Fe-The search for Sarah’.

After reading the first pair of stories from this guy, I just can’t say enough. If you like the genre and want a couple of good ones from a present day writer, (living in England of all places?) give Derrick a look.

Don’t forget to follow both Chris and I on Facebook for updates as to what’s new in 2016




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