Indie Author Reviews

So hey…I haven’t used this place in years and have been wanting a way to start back again.

Being a writer myself…I’m a firm believer in writing a review and posting it on Amazon when I read something from the underground / indie scene. There is some really good stuff out there and these folks deserve it. (Some of it’s bad too…really bad?)

I started to do this after reading a few that were free Kindle stories. If I didn’t pay for it…I should at least leave a review, it’s the least that I can do?

Anyway…I’ve been going back through and posting a review here as to what I’ve been reading and sharing it on Google +, Facebook, Twitter. I don’t have much reach here or there, but everything helps when it comes to getting the word out right? My reviews are also not textbook examples of such.

If you’ve read something from an unknown writer and you liked the story, hit me up and we’ll post it here if you’d like? Hell, review your own story I don’t care. Let’s get the word out. Not interested in Stephen King or Nora Roberts…we all know them, just those that struggle to get their name out there into the world and have folks read their stories. If you got something coming out soon…slip it in.

I’m not volunteering to read your story…although I might if it looks interesting? I don’t intend to be a review service or anything of the sort, just want to build a place where indies can get the word out.

Again…there may be no reach what so ever? But it’s worth trying for a while?


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