Fire Mission

Fire MissionJust finished a great story last night and rather later than I want to admit. Fire Mission by Craig Douglas was maybe just what I needed after reading so much indie / underground stuff this year.

Fire Mission is the writers diary of his time (2007 / 2008) spent at a forward operating base in Afghanistan. It’s a no bullshit kind of story. The writer tells us up front that Fire Mission is a diary and nothing more. The story reads like a diary (true) but is not the dry military affair that I would have expected. It is dripping with the writers sense of humor and I found my self wanting to cry at times (fortunately I read it while alone) and then laughing my ass off for the next five minutes.

I’m an avid reader of history, military and such and was glad to have the opportunity to sit down with Fire Mission. I’ve known of the story for some time and may have steered away for just that reason?

Kindle has left me a little pissed off as I downloaded the story while free and would like to purchase it to help the author along. As I downloaded the free version, I am not allowed to purchase. I will skirt this by purchasing on the wife’s machine when I get the chance.

Anyway…if you like a good long military read, Craig Douglas’s Fire Mission is one for you and at 3 bucks you won’t find one better.


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