Jesus Saves, Satan Invests

jesus savesOK…So I read a ton of stuff from underground or indie writers and have figured that since I try to post a review of some sort on Amazon, I may as well resurrect this old site and post them here also?

The most recent of those was my week-end read Jesus Saves, Satan Invests by Todd Morr (Spanking Pulp Press). If you like a hard hitting crime story, this one might be for you?

Having read some of his short crime stuff over the last year or so, I had to go all in to see what he was up to these days. This author once shared a photo of Iron Maiden IPA beer with me and I have been a fan since.

The story starts out with a gal (known more recently as Janet) receiving the message ‘Jesus Saves, Satan Invests’ before she can get out of the house gun toting thugs hired to take her out are kicking in the front door.

A young door to door salesman provides enough distraction for her to make her initial getaway. From there on the pair get into one thing after another. It’s great to see a California writer using guns in his story to excess (as I believe if left to the Government, we wouldn’t have any here?) My kind of story and I have to admit that my ears are still rattled with all of the shooting taking place.

If you you like bad ass crime from indie writers…this one’s for you.

Look for Todd Morr on Amazon


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