Between Juarez and El Paso

Between Juarez & El PasoRolling right along and the next story up is Between Juarez and El Paso by Alec Cizac and published by Beat to a Pulp.

The story is part of the Drifter Detective Series (written by various writers) and takes place in  the 1950’s. This is number 6 in the series.

Jack Laramie is the / a drifter detective and travels in a Desoto pulling an empty horse trailer for a place to sleep as he travels the Lone Start state.

Turns out that Jack is the grandson of U.S. Marshal Cash Laramie and Jack doesn’t seem to have any trouble finding trouble for himself.

I enjoyed this one…it was a kind of hard luck cowboy kind of thing and I’ve since went back and purchased 1-2 & 3 in reading through the series. I hope to cover them all through the winter?

This might be the most recent release from Cizak who published one of my stories ‘They Rode a Blue Flame’ in his Pulp Modern magazine in June. In talking back and forth I picked up his Crooked Roads collection of short crime stuff  (which is up next) and bought Between Juarez and El Paso as soon as it came out.

The story was well written and I enjoyed it enough to go back to book 1 and start the series from the beginning.

If old time crime / detective stuff is what you read…this one’s for you.