The Doc and Upcoming Blog Tour


The Blog Tour is being organized and timed to kick off on the release date of JUNE 14. Currently, any other bloggers are invited to be a part of this and willing to interview me for their sites. I can and will reciprocate.

Rifling Of Old Cannon, View On The Inside

Cover blurb
When a dying friend and fellow Civil War reenactor asks California physician Hank Houston to find his daughter’s killer, Hank has no idea what problems his snooping will cause. The last thing he expected to uncover was a US murder squad being run by the DHS. But this domestic black ops unit is determined not to be exposed and, as Hank gets closer to the truth, he discovers just how far they will go to hide all their dirty little secrets.

Hank just wouldn’t seem to die—so this time they were going to make sure…

The hospital hallway was quiet, with the exception of…

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